About Us

Debbie Huebner and Kari Schultz started Quilt Cottage Co. in 1994. Although both had been sewing since their teens, they had only started quilting in the early 1990’s. They met through the local quilt guild and when the opportunity to start a retail quilt shop came up, they decided to take a shot at it! Within 5 months “the Cottage” was open! They like to joke now that they are joined at the hip - you can tell they have been working together for a long time as they frequently finish each other’s sentences, answer to each other’s names and often show up to work dressed alike.

Debbie is originally from Colby, Kansas. She worked for Southwestern Bell for a number of years, met her husband in Topeka and moved to Hays in 1991. Debbie enjoys the more traditional styles of quilting and is very accomplished at hand appliqué.

Kari is from Leavenworth, Kansas. She studied nursing in college and practiced in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas before moving to Hays, also in 1991, with her husband. Kari enjoys anything with color and loves to design. She is very accomplished at starting way more than she can finish..

Both Debbie and Kari have teenaged children and think that running a business is only slightly easier than managing teenagers!

Debbie’s husband, Dennis is very involved in Quilt Cottage Co. When first opening the business, Dennis was Chief Carpenter and handyman. His craftsmanship can be seen throughout the store in shelves, fixtures and displays. Currently, Dennis runs a 14 foot long arm quilting machine in the back room of the Cottage. This is a separate business, aptly named “Quilting Beyond.”
Yeyette Houfek is fondly referred to at the Cottage as “The Knitting Queen.” Yeyette has been knitting for decades and has experience managing a yarn shop in North Carolina. Her hand knit sweaters adorn the yarn/knitting area of the shop. She is a patient teacher and a wonderful resource. Yeyette has lived in Hays since 1998 and the town is definitely a better place because of her!

Diane Schmeidler has worked at Quilt Cottage Co. since 2004. Diane is a Hays native and has been quilting for 13 years. Diane is a wonderful employee and Kari and Debbie are not sure how they ever functioned without her!
Jan Walter is the newest member of our staff. She has been quilting for approximately 8 years and we certainly enjoy having her working at Quilt Cottage Co.!
Finally, if you visit Quilt Cottage Co. you are likely to meet Abby. Abby is a black lab who’s job is to greet everyone who comes in the shop and give them the opportunity to scratch her head or rub her tummy! Abby actually belongs to Debbie and Dennis but at the Cottage, she claims everyone as “hers.”